Deriner Dam And Hepp

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Project Details

  • Name of Project
    Deriner Dam and Hepp
  • Place of Project
  • Contractor Company
    Erg Insaat A.S.
  • Commencement and Completion Date
    1998 - 2012

Project Features

Upon this huge project which was initiated in 1998 on Coruh river in Artvin province and named after Ibrahim Deriner, the first nuclear engineer of our country, the dam started to hold water by February 2012. The concrete arch body fill dam has a body volume of 3.500.000 m³. With a body elevation of 249 meters, this dam has the highest body of our country and the 6th highest body of the world. The dam is among those which have the steepest discharge canals and resistance to earthquake. Cement was supplied by Cayeli Filling and Packaging Facilities. Over 900.000 tons of cement have been supplied by our party in total for the mentioned project since 1998. 2 billion 118 million Kwh electrical energy is planned to be generated annually.