Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The OYAK Cement aims at providing a healthy and safe working environment, which is in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations of OYAK Cement and the administrative regulations, and preventing the occupational accidents and diseases, and achieving and maintaining the top level of the world standards in this field. We have only one acceptable aim on the occupational health and safety (OHS): “zero occupational accident”.

For the purpose of achieving this aim, OYAK Cement primarily believes that “all occupational accidents are preventable and avoidable”.

  • The Company considers the occupational health and safety as “indispensable priority” in all of our operations
  • All persons, including executives, who are available in the plants, ““should act responsibly for occupational health and safety”,
  • The Company acts based on the sense of “prompt cease” of working environments, situations, activities/operations and behaviors posing any risk with respect to the occupational safety.

OYAK Cement describes the Principles for Occupational Health and Safety, supporting the Occupational Health and Safety Policy, as well as the road map on the Occupational Health and Safety, for the staff members, employees of the contractor company and any third parties affected from its fields of business, and also it adopts a behavioral change oriented system approach.

Principles for Occupational Health and Safety of OYAK Cement:

  • Occupational health and safety comes first among our priority aims, and is the first step of all works.
  • Complying with the occupational health and safety regulations do not prevent us from carrying out our works efficiently and achieving other aims.
  • All occupational accidents are preventable and avoidable; no occupational accident may be considered acceptable.
  • All persons serving at our plant have the right to work under safe and healthy conditions while they are responsible for contributing to satisfaction of these conditions, and also for participating in the trainings and organizations held on this matter.
  • All employees are responsible not only for the occupational health and safety of theirs but also all people who are available at the plants.
  • Each site official is responsible for the employees, serving at her/his own department, as well as the employees, serving at any other department, and any third parties.
  • In case of detection of any unsafe and risky situations, all persons have the right to "cease the work", and are obliged to inform their department supervisor.
  • All persons with management responsibility are responsible for creation of healthy and safe working environment at the workplace, and development of behaviors and personal competencies, and improvement of activities, based on the statutory regulations, new technological developments and the rules set by our company.
  • Risk assessment for continuous improvement of occupational health and safety performances is carried out, and all deficiencies are eliminated.
  • These principles are applicable to all persons available at the plants.