At OYAK Cement, the sense of human resources management includes provision of appropriate and quick response to the specific needs of different industries, we are in cooperation with, and adoption of the approaches and practices to support strategic targets and performance.

  • Our Human Resources Vision
    • Our Human Resources Vision is to become a highly efficient, dynamic, open-ended, selfless and happy company full of motivated manpower which supports the corporate strategies and in which everyone wants to be employed.
    • OYAK Cement acts in line with the vision of making all the difference together with the employees with high level of competency, motivation and performance. Therefore, it motivates the individuals to assume responsibilities, to take initiatives, and to adopt their works and results accordingly.
  • Our Human Resources Policy

    While achieving the vision and targets of the OYAK Cement, the most valuable resource is the dedicated and high quality manpower.

  • OYAK Cement
    • Aims at maintaining its activities together with its employees, who prioritize the values such as Creativity / Transparency / Honesty / Respect to Humans and Environment / Customer and Employee Welfare / Perfection / Competition / Reliability, and who adopt such values at each phase of the management.
    • OYAK Cement, which is a modest company focusing on the efficiency in the capital, machinery-equipment and human resources, aims at being a group where mutual trust and respect are prevalent, participation is valuable, proactive approaches are adopted and channels of communication are open and transparent.
    • OYAK Cement, implementing the HR system and practices following the changing management trends appropriate for the then developing conditions, emphasizes the importance of care, it attaches to its employees, through its practices.
  • Attracting Qualified Labor To The Group

    OYAK Cement pays attention to assign its employees to the duties where they can use their potential effectively and create value to help the group achieve its main goals.

    It prioritizes and seeks the competencies such as Success and Result Orientation / Speed / Creativity / Entrepreneurship / Communication / Team Work / Improving Oneself and Colleagues / Resilience and Management during the employment processes.

    OYAK Cement takes into account the nature of the work, competencies, personal skills and individual performance, and performs an objective and fair evaluation accordingly.

    It informs the employees of the targets of their departments and the expectations from them, and also creates a safe and healthy working environment.

    OYAK Cement, believes that feedback is required for a right sense of management, and creates an appropriate environment accordingly.

    OYAK Cement, through OYAK Academy, provides training and improvement opportunities, required for improvement of the employees in the best manner and fulfillment of their works in a better manner.

    Based on such targets and principles, we, as OYAK Cement, implement our human resources policy as follows:

      Right Person For Right Job

      • To attract right human resource to the right job at the right time, which will increase the company's values through an efficient employment process.
      • To increase the competitive power with an effective human resources planning, and to train and raise the leaders of the future
      • To create a result-oriented organizational structure, making prompt decisions, and to employ highly competent employees, supporting the same at each level
      • To offer fair working opportunities regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, ethnic status, religion, political approach and physical status

      Developing - Learning Organization

      • To prioritize the personal, occupational and managerial developments of the employees, and to support learning and development continuously
      • To develop the existing personnel continuously with respect to efficiency, quality, problem solving techniques, technology, management practices, and to improve the processes accordingly
      • To support the achievement and continuous development of the employees through the target-based management model, and to contribute to achievement of the main goals of the company

      Happy Employees with High Level of Motivation

      • To increase the satisfaction and loyalty of the employees
      • To create a company culture using "We" instead of "I"
      • To provide an efficient communication and motivation environment where employees can use their creativeness and express their opinions
      • To develop systems encoring and awarding the success
      • To follow transparent and fair management policy for the employees, and to prioritize and increase their commitment to the company
      • To satisfy the social and cultural requirements of the employees, and to create "corporate culture and awareness"

      Talent Discoverer – Assessor

      • To provide a working environment based on mutual trust and open communication where all persons assume responsibilities to achieve the common goals
      • To follow and support a participatory management policy incorporating different aspects and knowledge
      • To provide working conditions appropriate for the nature of the service conducted, and to develop systems encouraging success and creativity, and to ensure generation of ideas enriching the company, employees and other stakeholders
      • To increase the practices such as in-group assignment, transfer and rotation for development of the employees and organization

      Humans First

      • To provide and maintain a working environment where occupational health, safety and environmental awareness are prioritized
      • To make our best effort to become a role model with our Occupational Health and Safety practices
      • To determine and assess Occupational Health and Safety risks to prevent occupational accidents and diseases, and to take measures to reduce and mitigate these risks
      • To establish a Sustainable Occupational Health and Safety System, and to develop methods to improve its performance, and to determine targets and management programs
  • Employees' Profile Age 
  • The candidates, who are deemed eligible as a consequence of the assessments, are offered a job, and the candidates, deemed appropriate for the position, start to work accordingly. The purpose of this process is to go over the knowledge, skills and competencies of the persons, and to ensure assignment of these persons to the job appropriate to their qualifications.

    Orientation Program is drawn up to ensure rapid integration of the employees, recently employed in the company, into OYAK Cement.

    Based on this program;

    • The Group and its vision, mission, values and goals are introduced,
    • The Company and its vision, strategy and goals are introduced,
    • Functional and positional introduction and information are provided,
    • Assignment of orientation trainings is performed.
  • Recruitment Process And Assessment Of The Applications
  • Practices For Investment In Development Of The Employees, Commitment And Motivation Improvement

    OYAK Cement guides development of the employees for the purpose of creating a qualified, successful and self-confident labor and leader pool.

    Ensures establishment and expansion of a participatory, sharing and transparent corporate culture, in which the obstacles for creativity are eliminated and the employees can realize their potential, and which aims at continuous development and values differences and communication.

    Promotes open communication ensuring that the managers assume responsibility for development of the employees, the managers can regularly monitor the performance of the employees, and the employees offer their suggestions and expectations to their managers by means of suggestion systems.

    Encourages to write technical and scientific articles, and creates an environment where the sectoral background of the employees will be appreciated in national and international publications.

    Provides a safe, healthy, ethic environment which pays attention to the balance between the business life and personal life.

    Coordinates the internal communication activities to increase the inter-corporate motivation.