ESTEEMED AND LEADING COMPANY IN THE GLOBAL MARKET We intend to be a leading company of the global market with the high-level sense of responsibility.
RIGHT PERSON FOR RIGHT JOB We believe that the key to success is happy employees with high level of motivation.
FROM PRESENT TO FUTURE We intend to achieve sustainable profitability with a strict sense of respect towards the society and environment.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations

OYAK Cement, consisting of 5 public cement companies and vertically integrated concrete and paper bag companies, operates in the 7 geographical regions of Turkey.


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Human Resources

It is possible to develop and improve knowledge, skills and competencies...

Environmental Awareness

In addition to all cement plants, OYAK Concrete and OYKA have the certificate of Environmental Management System in accordance with TS-EN-ISO 14001.

Technology and R&D

We aim at reducing the carbon footprint by taking into account the economic, environmental and social impacts caused because of the R&D activities, carried out based on the efficiency, creativity and sustainability policies, as well as at developing sustainable manufacturing technologies and manufacturing environment-friendly products.