Spine Tower 


Project name

Spine Tower

Project Location

Maslak / Istanbul European Side




Tilega T.A.S.

Start and End Date

10.06.2010 - 30.06.2013


Total Concrete Amount 98.000 m³ Concrete Classes and Amount C 30/37 Gross Concrete 9.500 m³ Total Special Product Amount 84.200 m³ Special Product/Products Used SKYBET C 80/95 7.700 m³, SKYBET C 70/85 15.500 m³, SKYBET C 60/75 15.000 m³, SKYBET C 50/60 46.000 m³


With the Spine Tower, OYAK Concrete is now the first company in Turkey and Europe to have produced and used high-resistance C 80 concrete, a material that has been used in the highest and the strongest buildings across the world such as Trump World Tower in the USA, Central Plaza in China, Taipei 101 in Taiwan, and Burj Al Khalifa in Bahrain.

The project was designed considering Istanbul’s vulnerability to earthquakes, and a high level of earthquake resistance was ensured by using the C 80/95-class SKYBET® concrete produced by OYAK Concrete, with 30,000 sleeves in the assembly of fittings with a diameter of ø32 in vertical bearing elements. Moreover, the world’s most renowned specialist in the field of wind tunnel tests, Prof. Ruscheweyh, designed wind optimization for the Spine Tower and wind tunnel tests were duly performed.

In today’s cities, which are becoming more and more developed, overpopulated and industrialized, high-resistance concrete technology offers a great advantage in extending the life of buildings against increasing chemical environmental factors. High-resistance concrete used for load transfer on cladding – beam and cladding – screen connection points increases earthquake proofing. High-quality and self-consolidating C 80/95-class Skybet® concrete has better load transfer capacity, impermeability, and durability characteristics than standard concrete.

The Spine Tower will rise above the heights of Maslak, one of Istanbul’s key centers of attraction, offering a modern living environment set among nature and boasting 59 floors, nine of which will be underground.

Characteristics of SKYBET® C 80/95-class concrete, a registered product of OYAK Concrete:

A self-consolidating concrete produced with special raw materials that has a minimum C 80/95 pressure resistance, can be pumped and transferred across long distances horizontally and vertically without any effect on product characteristics, and has a durable and sustainable performance which requires no vibrators.

Can be used safely in high-rise office and residential buildings.

Can be used safely in structures requiring concreting across long distances vertically and horizontally.

Can be used safely in structures requiring high resistance and durability.

Can be used safely in structures requiring early strength and short stripping time.

Can be used safely in structures requiring long-term durability against environmental factors.

Using C 80/95 SKYBET® concrete in the Spine Tower:

As C 80/95-class Skybet® concrete has a low water/cement ratio and high viscosity, pumpability and pump end performance is crucial. Another important parameter is the ability to self-consolidate and compress without use of a vibrator after high-pressure pumping (250–300 bar). In order for the concrete to be pumped properly from approximately 200-meter long fixed lines, works were performed to select the appropriate pumps and tubes, and the friction factors of C 80/95 Skybet® concrete were calculated using the SLIPER method with the support of the company Putzmeister. As per the results of the experiments and the measurements taken, the appropriate fixed pump and tubing equipment was selected and used.

Human Resources

OYAK Cement’s human resources management mentality consists of the adoption of approaches and applications that support strategical targets and performance, while responding to the special needs of the different industries with which it conducts its activities in an appropriate and efficient manner.