Ankara–Pozantı Highway 


Project name

Ankara - Pozantı Highway

Project Location

Eminlik - Çiftehan Section and Eminlik Kemerhisar Section


T.R. general Directorate of Highways


Eminlik - Çiftehan Section: Limak İnş. - METİŞ İnş. - Kolin İnş. Consortium Eminlik - Kemrhisar Section: Nurol - Cengiz - Kiska - Yüksel İnş. Conc.

Start and End Date



Total Concrete Amount 1.200.000 m³ Concrete Classes and Amount C 14 - C40/50, Shotcrete


OYAK Concrete in continuously fulfilling the provision of engineering structures, pre-stressed precast beams, broad-span pavements, mass concretes, and high-resistant concrete for the Ankara–Pozantı Highway project. Under cold weather conditions (-40oC) in the winter months, concrete production is still able to continue by using mixing water and a closed aggregate stock hole heating system.

5405 – 2 – GLOBAL TEXT Concrete Roads

Concrete roads, used frequently for many years in other countries, are seen little, if at all, in Turkey. The total length of Turkey’s roads is 63,000 km, and only 7 km of this amount is concrete.

Although concrete has certain advantages and disadvantages, it has more advantages than asphalt. Among these are the fact that concrete is produced domestically in Turkey, its construction costs are the same as the asphalt, and its useful life is several times longer than that of asphalt. This means money and time savings. Driving safety and comfort is also better.

With these advantages in mind, OYAK Concrete has became the first company in Turkey to purchase and use a finisher. Concrete road constructions have now begun with Adana’s urban roads, with the works being undertaken by our company...

Human Resources

OYAK Cement’s human resources management mentality consists of the adoption of approaches and applications that support strategical targets and performance, while responding to the special needs of the different industries with which it conducts its activities in an appropriate and efficient manner.