Part of a webinar series entitled “Findeks ile Sektörün Gözünden” (Through Industry Eyes with Findeks) organized by Findeks, this month’s focus was the construction materials industry and receivable risk management. A session was moderated by mentor, educator and advisor Abdurrahman Özciğer with the participation of OYAK Cement Concrete Paper Group Treasurer and Risk Manager Nihal Çınar and Fırat Plastik Finance Manager Mutlu Süner.

During a live broadcast, the effects of the pandemics on the construction materials industry, and its digital transformation and the issues that are now being prioritized by the industry were addressed. Sales channels in the construction materials industry, the transformation of these channels, the use of services offered by Findeks, and the receivable risk management were also touched upon.

Emphasizing that sustainable development and digitalization are high on the industry’s agenda, OYAK Cement Concrete Paper Group Treasurer and Risk Manager Nihal Çınar stated the following: “During the pandemic, we saw that those organizations which digitalized, used different tools for receivable risk management, and made plans considering these matters stayed one step ahead. Digitalization has started to take an important place in our lives. Not only digitalization but also sustainability gained importance during this period. At OYAK Cement, we focus on the environment, water, climate and energy, flue gas emissions, the circular economy, biodiversity, etc. in the works carried out by our specialist and experienced teams. With the Zero Waste Policy adopted by every company within OYAK, we have put into practice a more sustainable, more circular and more environmentally-friendly living policy. With the establishment of our Zero Waste Management System, we have since been awarded Zero Waste Certification. We have taken every necessary action towards our action plans regarding environmental sustainability and combatting climate change, and we’ve adopted EU Green Deal rules as principles in our procedures. This approach is among our priorities in the fight against the medium and long-term effects of climate-related risks when following the applications and implications within the cement industry. As part of our environmental liability, over the last five years we have invested something in the region of 120 million TL in order to reduce our energy costs, further develop our waste supply system, establish recovery plants that use waste heat, and construct more environmentally-friendly units.”

13.10.2021 11:33

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