Conducting activities that lead the industry towards a sustainable world, OYAK Cement has responded to its customers needs with its new specially designed environmentally-friendly products. OYAK Cement is now offering its high-performance gray cement products in new packaging, opening a new era in the white cement segment with the products Super White and the new member of the series, Pro White. The company recently became the first Turkish cement company to give a “Net Zero” commitment.

As market leader of the Turkish cement industry and the first Turkish cement company to pledge a “Net Zero” commitment, OYAK Cement offers special solutions to its customers with specialist products included in the product range. Exporting its products to a total of 85 countries across the world, particularly USA, Russia, Israel, Romania, Morocco, etc., OYAK Cement aims to significantly increase its sales volumes with white and gray cement products.

A new product in the white cement series

By including the Pro White product in its range, OYAK Cement promises its customers a high level of whiteness with both the Super White and Pro White products. Pro White, which consists of finer grains compared to Super White and has low CO2 emissions, is one of the industry’s top products in terms of degree of whiteness.

Special products within the gray cement series

In the vamped up gray cement product family, OYAK Cement has been designing high-strength products that also contribute to sustainability to offer tailor-made solutions to the construction industry. Moreover, the CEM VI (S-LL) 32.5 R-type product developed by OYAK Cement within this scope is the first “CEM VI”-class product to have obtained the G conformance certificate in the Turkish cement industry. This product has been put into use in line with a “low carbon” cement and concrete vision, and creates a difference in terms of its carbon footprint, which is lower than 350 kg CO2/tons.

While the Cementum and Powercem products can be used in the production of concrete suitable for each compressive strength class and resistant to environmental impacts, ground injection projects and any kind of repair works, Duracem and Duracem+ products are preferred in projects such as sea, shore, and port structures, and large-scale concrete and dam construction that require a low heat of hydration for high resistance against environmental impacts. This new special product family contains a lower amount of clinker compared to portland cement, and also contributes to the company’s “Net Zero” commitments.


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