Prioritizing environmental protection in all its activities, OYAK Cement is reclaiming the area where it conducted production activities in Antalya between 2014 and 2017, returning it to its natural state. The Rehabilitation Zone, where OYAK Cement planted thousands of saplings and seeds, marks the first rehabilitation effort in an area designated as a wildlife sanctuary.

In 2020, OYAK Cement intensified its carbon reduction initiatives and continues its efforts in every aspect, aligning with the roadmap 2050 focused on climate change risks without any slowdown.

OYAK Cement, placing its environmentally conscious approach at the core of its production activities, undertakes industry-leading initiatives in this direction. The company, committed to safeguarding future generations and wildlife, persists in its work within the Antalya Rehabilitation Zone. Having engaged in production activities in the region from 2004 to 2017, OYAK Cement has dedicated over three years to restoring the area to its natural state. Covering an expanse of 19.31 hectares, the Antalya Rehabilitation Zone stands as the inaugural rehabilitation project in an area declared a wildlife sanctuary.

In line with the works carried out to restore the land to nature as a result of mining activities, primarily slope angles, step and step sizes were made by considering long-term stability. Pits, created with crushers at 4-meter intervals on the hard ground, were filled with soil, and a variety of trees, including 3,562 red pine, 3,150 stone pine, 480 laurel, 392 carob, 93 cypress, 1,194 oleander, 3,200 lavender, and 20 almond species, were planted to support wildlife. Additionally, 200 kg of red pine seeds were sown in the Antalya Rehabilitation Zone, and a 12-thousand-meter drip water system was installed to meet the water needs of the saplings. Two four-square-meter water pools were also constructed for wild animals.

The first cement company in Türkiye to commit to “Net-Zero”

Accelerating its carbon reduction activities in 2020, OYAK Cement became the first cement company in Türkiye to make the “Net-Zero” commitment, which brings together the criteria needed by companies to set science-based targets to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C.

Recently registered by SBTi, OYAK Cement's “Net-Zero” commitment reflects significant sustainability investments made in the past five years. Increasing the use of alternative raw materials and fuels, reducing clinker utilization rate, thermal energy efficiency, increasing the use of renewable energy and utilizing new generation technologies constitute the main strategies in OYAK Cement's “Net Zero” approach.

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