OYAK Cement added a new one to its environmentally friendly products that it produces to contribute to the sustainable world. Added to the white cement product range, 'SnoWhite' provides high early strength compared to its class.

OYAK Cement, the capacity and market leader of the Turkish cement industry, continues to expand its environmentally friendly product range. Having recently launched Alfacem, the first 'CEM VI' class product to receive a G Mark Conformity Certificate in the Turkish cement industry, OYAK Cement has now added its product 'KarBeyaz' to the white cement segment.

With a high early strength compared to its class, ‘KarBeyaz' is defined as an economical product option with its high whiteness, proper thin structure, setting time that facilitates workability, and high adhesion properties.

Reduces carbon emissions in all areas

OYAK Cement, a member of the OYAK Group Companies, is the first cement company in Turkey to make a 'Net-Zero' commitment. Currently exporting its products to 85 countries including the USA, Russia, Israel, Romania and Morocco, OYAK Cement continues to set an example in the sector with its projects that reduce carbon emissions in its production processes and final products.

OYAK Cement has increased the use of alternative fuels to 25 percent in clinker production processes, which has been the main source of carbon emissions to date, and also eliminates wastes harmful to nature by reducing natural resource consumption with alternative raw material sources and industrial symbiosis.

Within the scope of its sustainability activities, OYAK Cement aims to use alternative fuels and raw materials in accordance with environmental legislation and administrative regulations. Producing energy from waste heat and reducing the effects of indirect carbon emissions with solar energy projects, OYAK Cement leads the world cement industry with its calcined clay technology offering low carbon footprint.

The calcined clay produced by OYAK Cement, which established the world's first cement factories with calcined clay integration, stands out as a binder with a carbon footprint that can reach 90 percent compared to Portland clinker.


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Human Resources

OYAK Cement’s human resources management mentality consists of the adoption of approaches and applications that support strategical targets and performance, while responding to the special needs of the different industries with which it conducts its activities in an appropriate and efficient manner.