On this page, you can find information on each type of ready-mixed concrete produced as per the TS EN 206-1 standard by OYAK Cement. At our ready-mixed concrete plants, all cement types of different classes and stiffnesses are produced as per the TS EN 206-1 standard.


Aquabet is a special concrete with increased water impermeability, designed to be used in wet and humid areas.
Durabet is a special concrete that is resistant to severe environmental effects and freeze/thaw effects, is impermeable, has a low risk of cracking, has heat development control, and does not require maintenance for a very long time.
Fibrabet is a concrete product reinforced with Polypropylene Fibers against premature shrinkage cracks in concrete.
Skybet is a special product that can be produced within the pressure strength limits of C 50 - *C100, which can be easily transferred to very long distances vertically and horizontally in multi-storey office and residential buildings.
Smartbet is a self-compacting special product that allows more freedom in design with better surface, minimum segregation, easy placement and workability, superior placement quality.
Repabet is a product that is used in the repair of factory floor concretes, road, apron and runway concretes subject to heavy traffic, and shortens the repair and service time.
Whitebet, produced by using special white cement with a minimum whiteness rating of 82 and light-coloured raw materials, WHITEBET is a special product that can be used safely with its superior performance in strength and durability features as well as aesthetic and decorative features.
Izobet is a lightweight concrete with low heat and sound conductivity coefficient, which has many different applications, and whose unit volume weight can be selected in the range of 800 < .. < 2000 kg/m3 depending on the place and need.
Unlike conventional concrete, Porozbet is a specially mixed concrete containing interconnected cavities, also called "permeable concrete" or "porous concrete".


Shotcrete Dry
Shotcrete Age

Standard Concrete

C8 / 10
C12 / 15
C14 / 16
C16 / 20
C18 / 22
C20 / 25
C25 / 30
C30 / 37
C35 / 45
C40 / 50
C45 / 55
C50 / 60
C55 / 67
C60 / 75
C70 / 85
C80 / 95
C90 / 105
C100 / 115

Lightweight Concrete

LC 8 / 9
LC 12 / 13
LC 16 / 18
LC 20 / 22
LC 25 / 28
LC 30 / 33
LC 35 / 38
LC 40 / 44


Light Screed

Human Resources

OYAK Cement’s human resources management mentality consists of the adoption of approaches and applications that support strategical targets and performance, while responding to the special needs of the different industries with which it conducts its activities in an appropriate and efficient manner.